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Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii

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Sandspit BC Fishing Charters

Cartwright Sound Charters

360 Christina Place
Sandspit, BC
Canada V0T 1T0

Quote from their web site, "We invite you to come fish the West Coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands. Let us take you fishing to one of the most beautiful places anywhere, and catch fish like you never thought possible!"

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Cartwright Sound Charters


Copper Bay Lodge

906 Copper Bay Road,
Sandspit, BC
Canada V0T 1T0,
(250) 637-2239

Quote from their web site, "Why go so far to fish? The Queen Charlotte Islands offer unparalleled opportunity to fish for wild Salmon and Steelhead in its numerous and so far unpolluted and uncrowded waters. "

Queen Charlotte Safaris

535 Beach Road,
Sandspit, BC
Canada V0T 1T0
(250) 637-5788

Quote from their web site, "The pristine and remote islands lie just south of the Alaska Panhandle and rest on the western edge of the continental shelf. They are legendary for their rich First Nations Haida native culture, enchanted beauty, and World Class Fishing."

Map of Sandspit BC Fishing Charter Companies

ACartwright Sound

BCopper Bay Lodge

CQueen Charlotte Safaris

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