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Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii

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Skidegate BC Fishing Charters

Haida Soul Fishing Charters

Box 1363
Skidegate, B.C.
Canada V0T 1S1
(250) 559-8397

Quote from their web site, "You will travel through typical inlet waterways heading for Skidegate Narrows. Skidegate Narrows is named so as it is the only passage between Moresby and Graham Island and both islands converge to a point where you can almost touch them."

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Haida Soul

Web Site

Haida Expeditons

Box 1297,
Skidegate, BC
Canada V0T 1S1
1 (877) 262-9929

Quote from their web site, "We have Fishing Charters, Cultural Land Tours, Boat Tours of Gwaii Haanas Park Reserve and Whale Watching Tours. We also offer custom charters anywhere on the island."

Starlock Charters

Box 1212
Skidegate, BC
Canada V0T 1S1
(250) 559-4760

Map of Skidegate BC Fishing Charter Companies

AHaida Soul

BHaida Expeditons

CStarlock Charters

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