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Gwaii Haanas Guided Tours

Anvil Cove Charters

216 Bay,
Queen Charlotte, BC
V0T 1S0, Canada
(250) 559-8207

Quote from their web site, "We are an adventure tour company with an emphasis on the cultural and natural heritage of these wild and beautiful islands. The Queen Charlotte Islands are our home and exclusive area of operation."

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Anvil Cove Charters

Web Site


Haida Expeditions

226 Highway 16,
Queen Charlotte, BC
Canada V0T 1S0,
(250) 559-0061

Quote from their web site, "We have Fishing Charters, Cultural Land Tours, Boat Tours of Gwaii Haanas Park Reserve and Whale Watching Tours. We also offer custom charters anywhere on the island. Haida Gwaii, BC is rich in Haida cultural tradition."


Queen Charlotte Adventures

609 6th Avenue,
Queen Charlotte, BC
Canada V0T 1S0,
(250) 559-8990

Quote from their web site, "We offer tours of the Queen Charlotte Islands - Haida Gwaii by sea kayak, boat, and land as well as great on shore accommodation."

Moresby Explorers

365 Alliford Bay Road,
Sandspit, BC
V0T 1T0, Canada
(250) 637-2215

Quote from their web site, "Touring the waters around Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site on the Queen Charlotte Islands since 1988 has earned us a growing reputation for providing fun, educational and safe wilderness adventures at affordable prices."


Green Coast Kayaking

3205 Oceanview Drive,
Queen Charlotte
BC, V0T 1S0
(250) 559-4682

Quote from their web site, "Considered to be among the world's top paddling destinations, Gwaii Haanas is an irreplaceable and awe-inspiring oasis of raw wilderness situated at the southern tip of Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlotte Islands."

Archipelago Ventures Ltd.

Box 999
Queen Charlotte BC
Canada VOT 1S0

Quote from their web site, "You’ll spend a full six days travelling in one direction only through Gwaii Haanas National Park & Haida Heritage Site, either southbound from Cumshewa Inlet to SGaang Gwaay or northbound from SGaang Gwaay to Cumshewa Inlet."

Inland Air Charter

Queen Charlotte,
BC Canada V8J 3R5

Quote from their web site, "...also operate a summer base in the Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii. We are a charter business, with the flexibility to go where you want at nearly any time. We also offer a number of special-interest tourism products that include flightseeing excursions, destination charter tours, crew and guest changeovers, and paddler pick-ups and drop-offs."


Haida Gwaii Discovery Tours

Box 798
Masset, BC C
anada V0T 1M0

Quote from their web site, " Experienced local guides in conjunction with expert local guest speakers allow visitors to learn about this unique area and leave with a broader understanding of the conditions that make this a truly special place."


Salt Spray Explorers

Box 74
Tlell, BC
Canada V0T 1Y0
(250) 557-4453

Quote from their web site, "With us, both ocean fishing and wilderness exploration are integral to your Islands experience!"

Dawn Mist Tours

Box 335
Port Clements BC
Canada V0T 1R0
(250) 557- 2466

Bird's Eye Kayak Services

10456 Tow Hill Rd.
Masset BC,
Canada V0T 1M0
(250) 626-5417

Map of Gwaii Haanas Tour Guides

AAnvil Cove Charters

BHaida Expeditions

CQueen Charlotte Adventures

DMoresby Explorers

EGreen Coast Kayaking

FArchipelago Ventures

GInland Air Charter

HHaida Gwaii Discovery

ISalt Spray Explorers

JDawn Mist Tours

KBird's Eye Kayak

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