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Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii

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Rose Harbour Bed and Breakfast

Gwaii Haanas Guest House & Kayaks

c/o Box 578
Queen Charlotte, BC
V0T 1S0 Canada
Radio Phone: N159009,
Ch.24 Cape St. James

Quote from their web site, "Our guesthouse offers comfortable rooms in a rustic setting surrounded by old growth forest, ancient Aboriginal Haida history and the bountiful Pacific ocean . We provide 3 meals a day served at our table or..."


Rose Harbour Guest House

c/o Box 437
Queen Charlotte, BC
V0T 1S0 Canada
(250) 559-2326
Radio Ph: N159057
Ch. 24 Cape St James

Quote from their web site, "Allow yourself to be guided through ancient Haida village sites, bird colonies, protected tidal meadows and exposed west coast beaches. Allow us to share our local knowledge from living close to nature since 1983. We offer specialized tours of Gwaii Haanas from our homes in Rose Harbour"



Map of Rose Harbour Bed and Breakfast

AGwaii Haanas

BRose Harbour

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